marți, 11 mai 2010


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Levi Strauss is credited with inventing jeans.

For many years jeans were only used as work wear clothes, but by the 1940s they were considered leisure wear in America.

Jeans fashion history was truly made in the 1950s when film stars wore it in movies that the teenagers of the day followed with avid interest. Jeans became emblematic of American prosperity, Hollywood movie stars and rebellious youth.

In the 1970s young people all over the world started to wear jeans. Designers in Paris were not oblivious to this new trend and they presented torn jeans as items of fashion.

By the 1980s, ripped, frayed and torn jeans were a normal sight. Coloured jeans from white through to pastels were also popular as were stonewashed blue jeans.

Enjoying unprecedented popularity, jeans became recognized as one of the first examples of clothing to cross all boundaries of generation, gender, class and nation.

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