joi, 31 martie 2011

The East End Thrift Store

When you reach the Assembly Passage in the East End of London you may think you ended up in the wrong place. No, this can’t be the vintage store which got a great review from Vogue.
When I walked in I had the feeling I’m in an old abandoned clothing factory. Most of the clothes were arranged neatly on hangers but some of them were just lying around on the floor.
After spending an hour in the store, making sure I wasn’t going to skip over anything I was very lucky to find a fabulous Halston skirt from the 80s (for only 10 pounds!). Yes, that’s right! The secret is that I’m petite and the skirt was a size 4, so it probably didn’t fit anybody else.
There were also some interesting Balmain scarves and dresses (too big for me though). My friend also found a gorgeous scarf hidden in a purse.
So look carefully you never know what you may find. It might be your next ‘IT’ piece for the season.