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Edie Sedgwick

Probably best known for being one of Andy Warhol’s muses, she is the epitome of the swinging '60s scene and one of the architects of the beatnik style. Part muse, part model, sometime actress and wild society girl, she is Edie Sedgwick.

I will disregard her sad story and short life (died at 28) and just write about her as a fashion icon of the 60s. In the end, Sedgwick's lasting legacy is her individuality, not her unhappy private life.

With her thick, black kohl eyeliner, bouffant hair and antique chandelier earrings dripping priceless jewels was quite an appearance for 1965, New York. No one has ever seen anything quite like this young woman.

Sedgwick's unique fashion sense flowered in the rebellious avant-garde atmosphere. She would wear her grandmother's jewels with a long dress and bare feet. Opaque tights, leotards, false eyelashes and chandelier earrings became her signature pieces. She had her own sense of style.

She had first appeared in Vogue in August 1965 as a „youthquaker” and then later on in March 15, 1966. She was described as „white-haired with anthracite-black eyes and legs to swoon over”. But, never became part of „the family at Vogue” because, according to senior editor Gloria Schiff: „she was identified in the gossip columns with the drug scene and we were just anti that scene as a policy”. She also became designer Betsey Johnson’s first fitting model. „ She was very boyish; in fact,she was the very beginning of the whole unisex trip”, said Johnson. By 1966, Sedgwick’s fashion sense had been picked up by the mainstream.

But nobody could ever have predicted the influence her unique style would continue to have, from Kate Moss's pixie haircut in 2001 to John Galliano's 2005 show for Christian Dior. "Edie danced to her own tune, and I imagine this is what inspired Andy Warhol and Bob Dylan as much as it did me," said Galliano. "She created her own identity ... She may only have had 15 minutes of fame, but her style and image influenced a whole generation."

Sienna Miller, which is one of my favorite actresses and style icons, impersonated Edie Sedgwick very good in the movie 'Factory Girl' (2006).

The video below is from the underground movie Ciao! Manhattan (1972), the last movie Edie played in, based on her life story.

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Simply Plain

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The shoes are designed by Camilla Skovgaard. Born in Denmark, Camilla Skovgaard is a BA (hons) and MA graduate in footwear design and product development from Cordwainers Shoe College (2003) and the Royal College of Art (2006) in London. Her eponymous shoe line took shape when she met Italian contacts in high-end shoe manufacturing during her MA; Saks Fifth Avenue in the US bought her first collection while still a student.

Camilla was awarded Queen Elizabeth Scholar Award for Excellence in British Craftsmanship, London 2007, Award for Excellence in Footwear, LCF London 2003 and voted Shoe Designer of the Year 2008 by public vote on Australia shoe blog Imelda.

In addition to own line, Camilla collaborated with British fashion house Matthew Williamson, for whom she was appointed shoe designer in 2005, for the past 7 seasons showing at New York Fashion Week, and continues to collaborate with some of fashion’s most directional and talked about designers for SS10.

Camilla Skovgaard shoes are gaining recognition for their aesthetic fluid-edged style combined with high quality shoemaking. Her emphasis is on form, materials, composition and style rather than decoration. The combination of contrasting elements such as fluidity and severity, restraint and sophistication play an integral part in the character of her design.

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The Rider

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Bunny Girl

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The bunny ears were designed by Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton 2009 Fall/Winter collection. He says: "I like the kind of Playboy, French coquette aspect to it." Louis Vuitton's show featured a number of striking accessories, but the bunny ears were definitely the most memorable.
They were also worn by Madonna in the Louis Vuitton’s fall ad campaign. Apparently they made 30 to 40 colors before choosing the right one.
You can also wear the Mickey Mouse ears or the cat ears.This stylish and cheeky accessory sure adds a touch of playful glamour on any special occasion.